Friday, 28 December 2012

Men’s Autumn/Winter Fabric Alternative: Moleskin

Moleskin Fabric

The fabric moleskin is named as such because its heavy, cotton composition bears a close resemblance to silky fur of a mole. Moleskin has traditionally been used for constructing trousers and outerwear, as well as accessories like flat caps, but recently designers have begun utilizing moleskin in more formal pieces – specifically blazers.

How To Wear: Moleskin
Men’s Moleskin Lookbook

From overcoats and cropped jackets to trousers and blazers, moleskin is extremely prevalent within both high street and designer collections this AW12. The lookbook below showcases a variety of moleskin items, and proves just how easy a moleskin piece can be incorporate into your current outfits:

Outside of fashion, moleskin has been used as part of German military camouflage kit (since replaced with a cheaper, more lightweight cotton-polyester blend), as most variants of the cloth are densely woven, and therefore windproof, as well as strongly resistant against abrasion.

Further benefits of moleskin include its softness and durability, appealing to everyone looking to keep warm in the colder months. One of the main drawbacks of the fabric is its lack of water resistance – as essentially it is just thick cotton – which isn’t always practical in this country.


Hopefully, I have made a case for moleskin to become the latest fabric to be added to the array of textures already in your wardrobe. The outfits and lookbook should prove its depth of versatility in pairing with many of the staple pieces you already own, but its unique, thicker composition brings a density to your attire and warmth to your person that is unparalleled.

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