Friday, 28 December 2012

How To Wear: Festive Knitwear

Before we really begin, banish all beliefs that the style is limited to grandma’s hand-knitted novelty originals. In fact, the word ‘novelty’ should be dispensed with in its entirety. Over sized, over characterized  in-your-festive-face knitwear is not what you’re aiming for here.

How To Wear: The Festive Jumper
Festive Jumper Lookbook

When selecting your festive knit this holiday season, think well proportioned patterns, variations of Fair Isle and the odd reindeer, snowman, tree or snowflake in proportion rather than detailed or overbearing. A dash of whimsicality is great and all part of the appeal; resemblances to a poorly dressed man-child, however, are not.

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