Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Style Icon: Ryan Gosling

Style Icon: Ryan Gosling

It’s almost a miracle Mr Gosling did not go on to dominate Hollywood after starring in the 2004 sleeper hit The Notebook. It’s a flick we have all sat through, once more than we could care to in some cases. Despite this, it would be rude hold a grudge with Gosling as he has more than atoned with his now polished grip on all things style. Since The Notebook, Gosling has featured in a string of low budget indie films and released a debut album with his band Dead Man’s Bones. Yet even with his lack of mainstream success (more by design than accident), he has escaped the clutches of anonymity and his undoubted ability to act has saved him from tumbling into unjust obscurity.
One distinct feature of Gosling’s [now-honed] sense of style is his silhouette. By favouring a youthful slim to skinny fit, he compliments his slim, athletic build and by keeping the accessories to a minimum, he creates a selection of refined, simplistic and truly stylish looks.

Casual Wear: Cannes

Casual wear is often where the true style icon excels. Through the years Gosling has certainly had some howlers in this area; the backless tee is my personal favourite. With all the less-than-successful efforts behind him, Gosling has now found and cemented his casual style. I’ve already mentioned Mr Gosling’s exploits at the Cannes film festival, but it would be rude not to give a mention to his casual style at the event.

Gosling’s choice of attire was spot on considering the setting; the French Riviera is the perfect backdrop for a pair of white trousers and brogues. Minimalism is again the mainstay of Gosling’s style but drawbacks to this are hardly prevalent as the shots above confirm.If you’re set for a late summer holiday in an effort to prolong the sunshine, then Mr Gosling’s certainly not a bad choice to take inspiration from when shopping for your break.

Formal Wear: Academy Golden Globe Awards

With so many premières and events in such a short space of time, Gosling has made use of a number of styles of suiting. The blue shawl collar tux in Cannes garnered much attention; in fact pretty much everything Gosling wore during the film festival was positively noteworthy.

Recreating Mr Gosling’s sterling tuxedo look is no arduous task. He keeps it all very simple and focuses on the vital aspects: the cut and fit. Slim cut and perfectly tailored, the need for accessories is muted as the suits themselves provide ample detailing; in these cases the respective black trim and velvet.

This peaked lapel velvet tux is much in the style of Gosling’s taste. Team with a white dress shirt and plain black bow tie to complete the look. Patent shoes are a no-brainer and if the empty pocket is an issue, a simple white cotton handkerchief will fill the void in a tasteful manner.

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