Thursday, 11 October 2012

Mens Cologne Edition- Top 5

Mens Cologne Edition- Top 5

A lot of guys assume the mall is the only place to buy a scent. Not so: We've now got options. Sure, there are department stores—both mainstream and high-end—but also consider clothing boutiques that stock carefully curated selections, as well as the scent-dedicated specialty stores we're seeing more and more of lately. The key is to shop for a scent the same way you shop for clothes: You want to find somewhere that really gets your vibe. Once you're there, smell everything that beckons, sit with each for a bit, then trust me, or rather, trust yourself: Your gut will always respond. I took out three guys who needed an upgrade and helped them on their hunt for a new signature smell. Here are some of my favourites; the top 5:



 DiptyqueCreated to evoke the scent of the Mediterranean in winter, this eau de cologne recalls blood orange thanks to its tarocco essence, plus grapefruit, sprinkled with cinnamon and enhanced with the essence of Bulgarian rose. Add safraleine, a molecular derivative of saffron, cedar and Somali frankincense, and you have a cologne that smells good enough to drink. Price: £55/100ml Diptyque,


Infusion d'Homme 

The stylish understated bottle complete with the Prada crest will bring sophistication to even the messiest of bathroom shelves. In keeping with the label, this is a subtle, idiosyncratic fragrance. The iris at its heart gives a clean, powdery - almost soapy - finish to leave you impossibly fresh. 

Price: £47/100ml 

Prada, 020 7494 6220


From D&G's first fragrance collection, Le Bateleur evokes the personality of 'the seducer'. Spicy top notes give way to a fresh, aquatic heart on a cedarwood and Vetyver base for a distinctive but not overpowering scent. 

Price: £35/100ml, 



Italian Cypress by Tom Ford If you've had your holiday and have come back to the office with a bump, this warm, woody fragrance will transport you back to the Mediterranean. Top notes of mandarin and Calabrian bergamot are enriched with Moroccan spearmint, cypress and patchouli for a very masculine scent. 

Price: £100/50ml 

Tom Ford, 0870 034 2566



Terre d'Hermes 

Wealth in a bottle - or at least the scent of it. It's impossible not to smell rich while wearing Hermes. The classic label's latest men's fragrance opens with the instant citrusy freshness of grapefruit and orange - reflected in the sunset hue of the bottle - while woody notes give body and depth. 

Price: £65/75ml 

Exclusively at Harrods and Hermes

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