Monday, 3 December 2012

Dolce & Gabbana x Grado DS2012 Headphones

The two continually evolving industries of technology and fashion have a long standing love affair with one another, producing products which are all round aesthetically/acoustically/technologically pleasing. Over recent years, collaborations of note include the Armani-Samsung Galaxy S phone back in 2010 as well as LG’s 2007 Prada phone – both of which were an overwhelming success for all the brands involved.

The latest techno-luxury (yes, I just made that up) partnership sees Italian fashion giants Dolce & Gabbana team up with leading manufacturers of audio accessories; Grado.

The result? An all-round eye and ear pleasing product, entitled The DS2012. The headset features ‘open air’ technology for squeaky clean sound and is completely hand-manufactured from a precious mahogany – the perfect accessory for numerous long tanning sessions on your winter getaway.

Thinksound MS01 Monitor Series Headphones

Thinksound, an American headphone company which began with a simple goal of creating ‘incredible sounding headphones with the smallest eco-footprint possible’ also do an authentic wooden in-ear headphone, actually claiming to be the first in the market to create such a product.

The Thinksound MS01 Monitor Series is, perhaps, not as pretty as the Dolce & Gabana version but coming in at under £100, you’ll be saving more than a few pounds – as well as a tree or two.

They are available now at Amazon.

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