Saturday, 1 December 2012

A Guide To Looking Good: The Christmas Party

Yes, it’s that time of year again, already. It only seems like yesterday that your Nan was napping on the sofa, your parents were snoozing in the chairs and you were passed out on the floor (at least that’s what happens in my house). The shops are stocking up on crackers, mince pies, Christmas puddings, awful music and all the other guff that generally makes Christmas a miserable time of year, contrary to the popular belief of children.

Outfit Inspiration
Look 1: Shirt & Knitwear Combination

A pair of jeans, a slim fit shirt (white or blue probably) and a good, chunky cardigan is a winning combination whenever you wear it and where-ever you go. If you want to make it that little bit more interesting, try finding a shirt with some added details, a penny or rounded collar, or with a very light pattern such as the Reiss one.

Look 2: Utilising Accents

Lookbook: polo shirt with trousers, bold shoes, silk scarves, trend pieces like double breasted and knitted jackets

Rather than shouting in everyone’s face with your outfit of bold colours, crazy patterns or luxurious textures, inject some interest through your shoes or accessories. A flash of colour at the wrist or something a little different on the feet is a great talking point and will exude just enough fashion forwardness to show off your knowledge and confidence. Likewise, a trend cut such as a double-breasted jacket (still in a muted colour) can be a subtle choice that hints you know what you are doing.

Look 3: Blazers & Roll Necks

We’ve already had two slightly more casual looks, so now it’s time to scratch the itch that I know at least half of you will be suffering from.

For this look we have a small check list: Blazer? Check. Roll neck? Check. Smart trousers/chinos? Check. Smart shoes? Check. Just go all European on their arses.

Because this outfit is quite sharp, you can choose to keep things crisp and slim with Derbies or Oxfords, or on trend with monk straps or Chelsea boots. Keep things playful – you’ll find an outfit can be drastically altered simply by switching your footwear. Personally, I would stick to slim and refined but it really is up to you.

Look 4: Formal Wear

know for a fact that a few of you will want to wear a dressed down suit. It’s just one of those things, especially if you’ve just invested in a little burgundy number.

However, a word of warning – if you choose to go down this route, there are a few things to consider.
Do you wear a suit every day? Please don’t wear a work suit, go for something bold (only on the basis of the parameters set out previously being met and your colleagues appreciating it) or something classic but in a more statement colour and/or fabric. It’s worth remembering that not all navy suits look like business suits.

Once you’ve chosen your suit, look for ways to differentiate it from the kind of thing you would wear to work;whether this is through bold accessories, different textures or mixed aesthetics (such as a denim shirt and stand out shoes) is up to you.


Please remember that this is also just a guide. It has been designed as a simple source of inspiration and all of the outfits I have shown are completely interchangeable – with just a little thought you can adapt them to suit your own purposes and image. By altering just one item, you can create something completely different and all of your own.

So, if you want to impress this party season, taking the time to create the perfect, event appropriate outfit is key. Get it right OR wrong and the chances are you’ll be the talk of the office; make sure it’s the right kind of talk.

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