Friday, 26 October 2012

Menswear- A Guide to Dressing Down

Menswear- A Guide to Dressing Down

I’m all for people trying new things – being bold with their clothes, their colours or their outfits – it works, it really does. If I see a man walking down the street in a roll neck jumper, a double breasted blazer, tailored trousers and a pair of loafers, I’ll think to myself: damn he looks fine.
But I will also see the man walking behind him in a pair of jeans, shoes, a t-shirt and a cardigan, who has got everything right, his colours, textures, fit and shape and I’ll think, damn he looks fine too. As fashion conscious men we should all be able to dress up and dress down. I know that I bang on about outfit appropriacy almost constantly but too often do I see men that have judged a situation all wrong. They have just gone too far, look out of place and out of character – the clothes might be great, but it’s still gone wrong.But with all this (semi)ranting out of the way, I should probably clarify exactly what I mean by dressing down and looking good.

Look-book Inspiration:

I’m going to keep pushing this kind of look because: One, I really like it; two, it’s so bloody easy; and three, it will work for everyone. It makes use of all those staple items that we men of fashion deem essential to own, it’s completely interchangeable and it takes no effort at all.
What makes this outfit so simple is that the base elements have their grounding in easy fashion and style. You can just throw it on and go, because there aren’t really any little details to worry about. Every man should own a pair of grown up trainers but they don’t have to be white, they don’t necessarily have to be low tops and they don’talways have to be Jack Purcells.

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