Thursday, 4 October 2012

Autumn Winter Colour Combinations

Autumn Winter Colour Combinations

Towards the close of 2010 I had been rummaging down my wardrobe (which at the time took place on the bedroom floor). Before long I realised a rather wallet-detrimental trait of getting bored pretty easily. Although some of last seasons pieces kept me amused for the opening months of autumn/winter, I took charge and decided it was time to start thinking about investing rather than assuming I’ve invested.

With the assertion of the A/W seasons came new styles, new trends and new colours! Colour is something that I am heavily influenced by when it comes to new fashions. Although I still pay a lot of attention to unique designs and details such as fabrics, colour is the most influential feature that attracts me.

Now back to my then not-so organised wardrobe, I became disorientated that I hadn’t realised the faux pas of being around 60% summer orientated, 10% autumn, and 30% winter. Trying to build an A/W wardrobe around the preceding spring/summer pieces was a theory best left unattended.

Dark Green & Brown

I love this combination. Two true A/W colours (earth tones which are always on trend) combined to really compliment each other. The colours also fit perfectly if you’re trying to establish the ever-strong military look.

No rules apply as you can see from the looks I’ve picked. A brown bag with green trousers? A brown and green jumper with brown boat shoes? Want to use different tones of each colour? Go for it, experiment with whatever looks best on you but remember to keep them toned down!

Navy & Camel
Navy and Camel. Simply because they’re two colours which have been extremely popular this season, and two colours which compliment each other perfectly! It’s a colour combination that is a great starting block to work with. Notice how with these three colour combinations I’m showcasing toned down colours which will look great, but wont have your friends asking “Why the drastic fashion change?”.

Black & Beige

Another simple but effective colour combination. Similar to my favourite pick – navy and camel – this colour combination uses darker tones. Perfect as a starting block due to the fact these two colours are very common and nearly ever man will have them in their ward/floordrobe!

A colourful ending…

There are so many variations to the basic two-colour combo and there really are no rules for how you choose to wear them.

Maybe add a camel coloured scarf to a navy jumper? Wear a pair of brown boots with some green chinos? Or simply a beige T-shirt under a black trench coat. The opportunities really are endless!These colour combinations have been and will remain key until S/S 11 hits us right in the kisser. Don’t feel the need to fill your wardrobe with just these colours. Remember the rule I applied earlier? Once you feel comfortable add another colour, then another and repeat the process making sure each colour compliments each other, and most importantly compliments you! For example you could start with your brown and green combination but add another stand out earth colour such as beige OR how about using black and beige as your building block and then throwing in another bold winter colour such as burgundy/blood red?

Once you have the art of combining your colours, you can sit can and enjoy our traditional English winter evenings… I’ll have a tea with two sugars.

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