Thursday, 22 November 2012

Style Icon: Dan Trepanier

Dan’s dress sense is very much in the vein of what we here at FashionBeans often strive for – timeless but with the occasional twist. Individuality is essential to every well dressed, standout gent but behind that individuality is the perfected craft of timeless basics done justice – the blank canvas on which the art of accessories and detailing is applied.

From fit to flourish, ties to trouser breaks, Trepanier has the basics more than perfected. Equally, his ability to put together a classic outfit before adding something a little different for that standout quality is second-to-none.

Think vintage, chunky knit Cowichan cardigans layered over a perfectly curated shirt, tie and waistcoat combination or an old lightweight camo jacket worn over an oxford shirt, bow tie, indigo jeans and loafers. Both looks sound a little out there on paper to the average guy, yet Dan pulls them off and makes them look good; confidence we can all be inspired by.Our man isn’t afraid to take a risk or two, yet at the same time many of his outfits are combed back to basics.


Key Consideration: Suiting

A lot of the suiting featured on TSBmen is from Michael Andrews Bespoke, a brand which Trepanier serves as a Senior Advisor. A key element of Trepanier’s wardrobe, the plethora of suits shot on TSBmen are expertly tailored and accessorised to perfection in a variety of smart, casual and business-casual settings.

Dan also displays the full range of versatility the modern lounge suit possesses. Pairing them with everything from ties, pocket squares and silk scarves to jeans, tees and sneakers, our icon always makes them look sharp, no matter the setting.

Another admirable quality is Dan’s choice of suiting. Often stepping away from the everyday essentials of the navy, grey and black suits, Trepanier has been snapped in everything from deep green to the rapidly rising burgundy tailoring, while he has also demonstrated the forgotten art of the brown hued suit on more than one occasion.

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