Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The Denim Jacket Lookbook


As a layering option, the denim jacket is a great way to add texture to your look – a vital ingredient of successful, stylish layering. The rugged masculinity of denim is the perfect foil for a hefty, insulating parka, or a great contrast to the structured nature of a blazer. The denim jacket is also weighty enough to work as a top layer and when, worn in combination with some intelligent layering underneath, creates the perfect off-duty outfit that appears almost effortless.

Denim Jacket Lookbook: AW


This drab summer has, however, presented an opportunity to get even more wear out of what was already regarded by many as a spring/summer essential – the denim jacket. This classic piece of clothing has transcended decades and remained, more or less, popular throughout.

Predominantly a casual piece, the denim jacket brings a more dressed down approach to an outfit; although it can certainly be included under the obscure umbrella of smart-casual if done right. The ruggedness of the piece instantly brings about an air of masculinity and its versatility is practically unrivaled  making it relatively easy to incorporate into your wardrobe whatever your particular taste may be:

The Denim Jacket: Spring/Summer

What you accompany your jacket with is personal preference; adapt to your personal style, taste and existing wardrobe. Brogues, for example, will move further towards the smarter end of spectrum, while some simple sneakers will dress it down – select as you see fit.

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