Monday, 15 October 2012

Style Icon: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Style Icon: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

When in a casual setting, Joseph tends to stick to a pair of fitted jeans, trainers and a t-shirt with some kind of pattern or pop of colour. This is the kind of outfit all of us can pull off and looks great on anyone so long as you nail the fit of the pieces and stick to classics like Levi’s 511s and Jack Purcells. The added bonus of dressing this way is that it’s easy to dress up; throw on a blazer, cardigan, over-shirt or a peacoat in the winter and you can’t go wrong.

As for formal events, he tends to stick with a suit, shirt and tie combo. For slightly more relaxed settings he loses the tie and/or swaps the jacket for a fitted jumper. And he always rolls the sleeves.

He keeps things simple and classic, often in cut and colour (navy, black, grey) but always adds an interesting spinto them – such as during the Inception premier at London where he wore a plaid suit, striped shirt and dotted tie.Pattern mixing or playing with textures is a great way to add individual and unique touches to your outfit.

He sure knows how to wear a suit and I think no one of a tall slender frame looks better than he does once tailored properly. Here are a few tips if you have the same body shape as Joseph and want to look just as stylish in a suit:

  • Avoid pinstripes but don’t be afraid of checks/plaids, they add girth. As does a double-breasted jacket.
  • Go with a wider lapel than normal and don’t be afraid of having some padding in your shoulders to add presence.
  • Use horizontal accents such as belts, folded pocket squares and tie bars.
  • Go for a three piece. (See section on Arthur.)
  • Straight shirt collars will suit your shape and break up vertical space

500 Days Of  Summer

I think the reason this character’s style became such an interest for people was because they could see themselves wearing his outfits. Rather than a Rom-com wear even the receptionist is wearing Prada, everyone appeared to be wearing clothes that their job/wage could afford.

Arthur – Inception

You know who looks good in a suit? Everyone. Learn from this lesson and see the proof in Joseph’s character Arthur. Admittedly, when Jeffery Kurland (Ocean’s 11/Collateral) is on board, you know each character is going to have clothes tailored to their personalities and developments but with Arthur… he just looked… so cool.

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