Saturday, 6 October 2012

Single colour Lookbook

Single colour Lookbook

Inspired by Fendi’s spring/summer 2012 collection below, I must note that this isn’t about colour matching or simply wearing black. We’re in fact talking about using variations of one colour; combining tones to create a simplistic but well-constructed look.

We tend to see the use of the same popular colours through the transition of spring/summer and autumn/winter, but with a variation in tones. For example, in the summer yellow can be utilised in your look, and in the autumn season, this transcends to camel or beige. A dash of bright red is well suited when summer arrives, but in the colder seasons it gets toned down to a deeper burgundy colour.

All Blue

Blue is a pretty common colour with a lot of variations to play with, such as electric blue, light blue, aqua, turquoise and navy. The majority of men reading this will already have a wardrobe full of navy, indigo and the like – as it is a colour many default to when purchasing new clothing.

All Grey

We stick with another timeless neutral and colour trend for spring/summer. On the whole, monochromes are making a big comeback in men’s fashion this year after the influx of colour we saw throughout 2011 – with grey being no exception.The grey shirt is becoming an increasingly popular colour choice for those looking for an alternative that will set them apart from the crowd, whilst grey jeans are also set to take off this season. The great thing about grey is that it varies widely; from light (almost off-white) tones right through to dark charcoal hues. Throw in textures such as wool, tweed and mottled fabrics, and you are looking at a plethora of options when it comes to constructing an all grey outfit.

All Red

Another common colour that is used heavily throughout the season – due to the underlying nautical trend colour palette – is red. Burgundy was one of the key colours during the autumn/winter 2011 season, and now you can put these pieces to good use by contrasting them against bright red or pink tones.

Earth Tones

I have combined the Earth tones because they all work so beautifully well together – it would be redundant to separate them. In this case, we refer to Earth tones as beiges, creams and browns. Khaki green also works very well within this colour palette, but green is definitely a colour you could utilise on its own independently. The great thing about Earth tones is that they can be combined with white and the contrast isn’t as stark as when you pair it with other colours. It means that beginners can easily pull together a 3 piece outfit combination that includes white, cream/beige and brown without much thought. These are all interchangeable and can be utilised for a variety of shorts/chinos, shirt/tee and blazer/jacket/jumper combinations.

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