Sunday, 30 September 2012

Style Icons #1; David Beckham

Style Icons #1; David Beckham

One half of brand Beckham, David is a dedicated follower of fashion, who has launched many a trend (everything from diamond encrusted watches to wearing your girlfriend's sarong). He's also much in demand as a brand spokesman, recently modelling for Armani.
Reinventing one’s style is a risky business and can be a disaster; a token gesture to desperately cling on to what is fashionable, particularly for those in the public eye coming to a certain age. When people talk about growing old gracefully, Beckham is grace personified. His recent appearance as the cover star of Fantastic Man magazine may well be the best photo shoot he has ever done.

The most recent and the most impressive style movements from the man himself have been in his formal life. It neatly mirrors the changes in his public life and his sporting life. Having taken on more ambassadorial roles in the last couple of years – most notably his work on the World Cup 2018 bid – his public persona has changed from over-paid, spice girl marrying, sarong wearing pretty boy to something more. He now has elegance, a sense of classic and timeless style with a dignity that has come with age and gradual reinvention.

Los Angeles Confidential Cover Shoot

The former England captain’s reinvention did not take place over night. As I have said above it has been slowly groomed over the past two years as his footballing career moves in to that twilight period. To reinvent one’s self and to grow old gracefully all at once is no easy task. Even one of those two can be difficult to execute. 

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