Monday, 5 November 2012


I thought i'de write up a quick Buyer’s Guide turning to a cold weather essential – The Scarf. One of those accessories that can really makes the difference during winter, I've gone for some full on pattern with these examples including the like of Dries Van Noten, PAM, Howlin, Kapital and Y3.

Zigzags from Howlin by Morrison. Made in Scotland from new wool, navy blue and grey almost impossible to argue with. Howlin have this scarf thing down.
Something a little different from your average fairisle, this colourway from the Scottish knitwear firm is just beautiful.
Somewhere between a doormat and a hairy wafer biscuit, this scarf manages to be both odd and brilliant at the same time. A mohair and alpaca blend, possibly not suitable for chronic sneezers.
An oversized scarf from the always brilliant Kapital. More Chimayo than Navajo, whichever way this one offers enough knit to wrap you up mummy style.
PAM accessories are really on the up lately, this scarf a great example. 100% Merino, made in New Zealand.
Aside from the great choice of colours and block formation, it’s the mix of melange with plain knit that makes this a winner, unnecessarily large logo (on the reverse) aside.

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