Thursday, 4 October 2012

Fabric Blocking: AW12 Trend

Fabric BlockingAW12 Trend

You can certainly start getting involved ahead of the trend and become the forward-thinking fashion visionaries you really are. As the autumn/winter season approaches, a key aspect of how trends and clothing choices develop from summer to autumn is in the use of texture. In recent collections we have seen the popularity of colour blocking rise but for AW12 there is a new kid on the ‘block’ – the use of fabric blocking. In short, fabric blocking is the combination of two or more fabrics utilised within a single garment. The use of contrasting fabrics adds a fantastically interesting multi-textural feel, which couldn’t be more apt for the colder seasons where layering and texture are often key to successful, on-trend looks.

Perhaps my favourite use of fabric blocking came from Bottega Veneta, whose collection featured a series of sleek, well-cut blazers with different types of contrast fabric paneling. They featured a grey blazer with blue, pvc-like sections and panels, and asymmetric-zip jackets in black wool with leather-look chest panels and arm patches, creating a kind of patchwork effect which retained a sense of sophistication:

Acne also cleverly used multi-layering to create the look and feel of fabric blocking in their catwalk collection. One of the highlights included a cropped sleeve pullover worn over a thick, quilted, gold shirt, whilst other Acne models paraded down the catwalk wearing shirts beneath cropped sleeved jackets beneath even shorter cropped sleeve overcoats in differing fabrics and colours to create an interesting fabric panel effect:

It is clear to see that fabric blocking is becoming a popular textural choice this autumn/winter. It adds a new dynamic to several pieces which would otherwise be fairly run-of the-mill and generic, and seems particularly applicable to outerwear and tailored pieces.

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